Finland Based Gambian Afro-Reggae Artist

How it all Started

Masta Lion is a Gambian born in Brikama town in the West Coast Region, currently living in Finland.

Music is in my blood, inherited from my Beloved Mother (May Her Soul Continue to rest in peace) and she has been my inspiration since childhood. In my youth, I used to go with my Mother to different religious gatherings where I started my singing career, but due to circumstances I was unable to follow that path seriously. In the early 90s, I started working as a deejay in different local events; club gigs, private events, festivals, etc. I Dj’ed while studying and it became a passion, it wasn’t easy but I was prepared to face the challenges ahead on my musical journey. I studied multicultural event management and acquired a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, which  prepared me to do events bringing people from different backgrounds together.

Background to Album “Tribute to Mama”

Masta Lion lost his beloved Mother in 2021, in Brikama, Gambia, West Africa. Agony led to meditation, reflection, and self-exploration, becoming the inspiration behind his new path as a recording artist. The combination of sorrow and hard work brought about his debut album, ‘’Tribute to Mama’’, dedicated to his mother.

Masta Lion blends his promotional skills with over twenty years of love and experience in Reggae producing the perfect Afro-Reggae album featuring various Gambian and Jamaican artists. The tracks include ‘’ I Rise ‘’ with Sizzla Kalongi, ‘’ Africa Arise’’ featuring Anthony B, ‘’ Spread Love’’ with Ras Askia, ‘’ Alfalu ‘’ a collaboration with Singateh, ‘’ True Friends ‘’ featuring Akipunture, and a scintillating Afro-Reggae song with Black Thunder titled ‘’ Al-kanasong’’.

Masta Lion’s first album is a major artistic contribution, soulful and inspirational.

Musical Background

Masta Lion’s evolution into a blossoming recording and performing artist has allowed him to widen his professional scope from business to performing arts. His ability to talk about Africa and its underdevelopment and disunity has the power to attract, inspire, educate, and engage listeners, challenging the boundaries of people and societies.

Masta Lion’s musical journey has been marked by remarkable milestones. In 2021, he unveiled his debut album, “Tribute to Mama,” a heartfelt ode to the maternal influence that shaped his life and artistry. The album’s emotive lyrics and reggae rhythms resonated with audiences worldwide, solidifying Masta Lion’s place in the global reggae community.

Building on the success of his first album, Masta Lion continued to captivate listeners with his sophomore release in 2022, titled “Fondinkelu.” This album showcased his growth as an artist and his commitment to delivering authentic reggae music that speaks to the heart and soul. 

Masta Lion’s unique blend of reggae, combined with his powerful storytelling, has made him a rising star in the global music scene. With a rich cultural background and an unrelenting passion for music, he continues to inspire and uplift audiences around the world with his melodies and messages of love, unity, and resilience. Keep a close eye on Masta Lion as he continues to soar to new heights in the world of reggae music, carrying his Gambian roots and Finnish spirit with him every step of the way.

Deejaying and promotional work gave Masta Lion the opportunity to stage club parties, live musical shows, and events. Popular touring bands and solo artists demanded his services as both a deejay, and a booking agent in Europe and beyond. Masta Lion is an inseparable part of the Helsinki nightlife. Morgan Heritage Family historic performance in Helsinki at “Vanha” Concert Hall was organized by Masta Lion Promotion. Masta Lion has hosted various phenomenal events from 2010 onwards, such as Jamaican Reggae sensation Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Band, Kabaka Pyramid, Tarrus Riley, and Luciano.

Masta Lion studied event management and hospitality, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in 2010, giving him the opportunity and the skills to establish the Masta Lion Promotion to help promote cultural exchange, and artistic expression and diversity in Finland, Gambia, and Europe at large. Masta Lion Promotion is the organizer of the Street Reggae Festival and Myyrmäki music festival (MM Fest), held in Vantaa.

Masta Lion’s Mission and Vision

Masta Lion is moving up and forward, towards a brighter future and a hope for deeper unity and helping people to see what really matters.

Masta Lion is hard working and dedicated, always aspiring to new professional heights. His style and lyrics are like a breath of fresh air providing spiritual guidance while spreading unity through music.

Masta Lion’s Mission:

Masta Lion’s mission as an Afro-Reggae artist is to use the universal language of music to spread messages of love, unity, and positivity. He seeks to inspire and uplift individuals from all walks of life through his songs, addressing important societal issues while also celebrating the beauty of life and culture. Masta Lion is committed to creating music that resonates with people on a deep level and serves as a source of comfort, encouragement, and empowerment.

In addition, Masta Lion’s mission is deeply rooted in celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa while spreading the positive vibes and messages of reggae music. He is dedicated to using his music as a platform to bridge the gap between African rhythms and reggae’s universal appeal. Masta Lion aims to honour and preserve the traditions, stories, and struggles of his African roots through his music, ensuring that they are not forgotten but shared with the world.

Masta Lion’s Vision:

Masta Lion envisions a world where his music acts as a catalyst for positive change and social transformation. He aspires to foster a global community that embraces diversity, tolerance, and understanding through the medium of afro-reggae music. His vision is to see people come together, irrespective of their backgrounds, to unite in the spirit of peace and harmony, guided by the rhythms and messages of his music.

In this vision, Afro-Reggae becomes a powerful force for cultural exchange and understanding, breaking down barriers and stereotypes. Masta Lion aims to see Afro-Reggae music at the forefront of a movement that encourages people of all backgrounds to embrace their African heritage and appreciate the shared human experience. He strives to leave a lasting legacy as an artist who bridged cultures, fostered understanding, and made a significant impact on the world through his unique blend of Afro-Reggae music. 

Spreading peace, love and unity through music, in addition to inspiring, motivating and educating, is Masta Lion’s vision for the future.